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Message from Bridgeport Parks and Rec: Facilities to Allow for Passive Use with Limited Numbers of People

March 16, 2020
Closure of Recreation Facilities explained:
Last Friday, the Bridgeport City Council agreed to suspend Parks and Recreation programs and close most Recreational facilities. Following with current recommendations the decision was made to close most of our facilities that attract and encourage people to come together. This includes organized sports teams of all types, facility rentals, the Benedum Civic Center etc. We have also delayed opening up our Park restrooms as we do not wish to expose our Parks staff through the daily cleaning process these require.
However, we also realize that Parks are a great avenue to promote Health and Wellness. We recognize and agree that exercise and fresh air are a great way to fight this virus. Therefore, we are promoting passive recreation at our Parks. This includes the walking trails and other activities that you and your immediate family can enjoy. We also wish to create a sense of normalcy at this stressful time. Again, exercise and activity will help combat this somewhat. 
So, to clarify, some of our facilities are open to passive use with limited amounts of people – no teams or large groups. Taking a walk, flying a kite, hitting tennis balls or other small group activities will be allowed. We are encouraging the use of ‘Social Distancing’ at all times, and especially in the parks. This is maintaining your personal space a minimum of 6 feet from others. We hope and pray that these measures will aid in working our way through this epidemic quickly and safely.
Should you have further questions, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 304-842-8240.
Joe Shuttleworth