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Rate System Revision for The Bridge Rec Complex to Benefit Seniors Part of Special City Council Session

February 15, 2021
When the City of Bridgeport announced the rates for The Bridge Indoor Sports and Recreation Complex, they were pleasantly surprised about the public feedback. It was almost exclusively positive.
“It was a hot topic prior to us releasing the rates. We were pleased with the response and it showed us we were where we needed to be,” said Bridgeport City Manager Randy Wetmore. “The concern was that they were going to be too high and people were vocal about that. The fact most everyone was pleased showed us the amount of research we did was pretty much worth it.”
There was one area, however, that did draw some concern. And that area will be addressed Tuesday.
A special meeting of Bridgeport City Council will be held tomorrow at the Benedum Civic Center with one item on the agenda. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. and will be followed by a special strategic planning session of Council.
“We didn’t have a senior couples fee in the rate schedule and we had feedback on that with some concern,” said Wetmore. “We’ll be creating that with the ordinance.”
The annual senior couples fee comes in at $650 standard, he said.
As for individual rates, the senior gold rate for a regular member is $200. A senior platinum individual membership rate is $350 (the levels are explained below in a link). The senior family is $650 as mentioned. Rates for early bird memberships will be $175 on the gold and platinum wlll be $250. Early bird platinum family membership is $500. 
The early bird rates, which will be announced soon, will only be available on a one-time basis.
Council will be changing the existing rate schedule, which will be on first reading Tuesday. He anticipates the final reading March 8 during the first meeting next month. The original rate schedule (which does not include the revision for seniors) can be found HERE. Individual can click HERE for the membership levels..
After that business is addressed, the annual strategic planning session will take place. It has been moved back several times due to COVID-19 concerns. In the past, the sessions have often lasted well into the evening and near and past midnight.
“We’re hoping not as long,” said Wetmore. “It will be two to three hours at most, definitely not much beyond that.”
The meeting at the Civic Center is open to the public. Wetmore said social distancing guidelines will be maintained.